Computer Ergonomics for a Healthy Classroom

by kristen on July 17, 2014

The summer months are flying by. Hours of outdoor fun in the sun will quickly be replaced by hours in front of the computer. As you head back to the classroom, review these tips on creating a healthy, ergonomic workspace to keep you and your students comfortable and injury free. [read the full article →]


Here’s a sneak peek at TypingWeb’s new design, which boasts a sleek modern look, new skins, and welcome new features to enhance your TypingWeb experience. We have been working hard to gather your feedback and transform the “wish list” into a reality. [read the full article →]


How to Motivate Kids to Improve Their Touch-Typing Skills

June 28, 2013

Tweet Whether it’s out on the field or in the classroom, competition amongst peers can motivate students to improve skills they might otherwise ignore. This theory was put to the test by a technology teacher, Nadjib Aktouf, who decided to create a friendly typing competition as an incentive to motivate his 8-10 year old students [...]

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What New Features Would You Like to See?

June 7, 2013

Tweet Summertime is here, and while you are enjoying your vacation we are working hard to make TypingWeb better than ever! Since TypingWeb was first released, we have constantly added new features based on teacher and student feedback. Your feedback and suggestions fuel our innovation, providing a better experience for the entire TypingWeb community.

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Teachers: Big Discounts on Premium Membership!

March 25, 2013

Tweet Providing your students access to a distraction free typing environment and premium lesson content has never been easier. Our newly released Upgrade page is now available in your teacher portal, allowing you to quickly purchase Premium Memberships for any number of students at any time.

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How to Create Accounts Quickly with the Student Import Tool

January 25, 2013

Tweet As a busy teacher, it is important to save time whenever possible. One way to do that, while creating accounts on TypingWeb, is to use the Student Import Tool. However, we find that many teachers pass on this time saving opportunity because they are not sure how the tool works and fear they will [...]

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Let’s Meet Our Contest Winner…

December 7, 2012

Tweet Congratulations to Ms. Bortz and her students at Lancaster High School in New York. They won the colorful keyboarding rug and are proudly displaying it in their classroom!

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Win a Colorful Keyboarding Rug For Your Classroom!

October 4, 2012

Tweet Contest Closed! And the winner is… Ms. Bortz from Lancaster High School. Congratulations!!!!!!! We want to brighten up your classroom by giving away this colorful keyboarding rug! The 4’x6’ rug displays 2 color-coded keyboards with corresponding finger placement guides to emphasize proper typing technique. This can be a great addition to any computer lab [...]

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We’ve Been Busy at TypingWeb – Tons of New Features Now Live!

June 22, 2012

Tweet Teachers, in preparation for the 2012-2013 school year, we are making improvements to the typing tutor and Teacher Portal. Our goal is to provide you with the features you want and tools you need to effectively teach and manage your students. Here is a list of the most recent updates.

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New Reports for Teachers and Students, Now Available

June 8, 2012

Tweet Teachers, we have unveiled two highly requested new features. Students are now able to view their time spent typing per day from within the tutor. In addition, enhancements to the Teacher Portal now allow you to run custom date range reports (up to the last 30 days) on your students’ typing activity.

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